Namaste – Greetings from the heart

Our resort believes in the ancient and traditional form of greeting – the “namaste”. To perform a proper namaste, one should hold his or her palms together, with the fingertips at chin, level and nod rather than bow and say “Namaste”. “Namaste” literally means “I bow to thee” or “I honour the divinity within you”. The gesture is a sign of respect and is used by men and women when meeting members of the same or opposite sex.

Etiquettes to follow in the Public Areas

We welcome diversity and value the traditions and cultures of every guest. According to the cultural etiquettes of India and other few subcontinental nations, keeping the legs over the table & chair is often considered ill-mannered and unhygienic. So please refrain from doing it in public places, like the lobby or restaurant as well as the beach lounge. Guests are requested to wear adequate clothing when they use public areas: such as the beach, restaurant, reception, lounges, etc. It is forbidden to visit the restaurant or the reception in swimwear, in a pair of swimsuits, without shorts or pants. When going out of the resort premises, we also recommend you to wear proper clothing, in accordance to the Indian sensitivities.

Rules and Regulations at Rockholm

Ayurveda advocates a lifestyle free from alcohol and smoking. So we do not serve alcohol in the resort premises and till the time you stay at our resort and even after that if possible, please adhere to the healthy habit of leading a tobacco and alcohol free life. Smoking guests are requested to not smoke inside the resort at all.

Guests like the resort’s complete calmness in its divinity. So we request you to kindly reduce the noise level when you’re in the room, the restaurant and other public areas. Moreover, playing loud music in the rooms or loud video calls in the public areas are also prohibited as it can harm the other guests’ experience.

Kindly do not purchase goods from the beach sellers. While it may not be of good quality, the trading activity at the beach spoils the ambiance of the beach as well.

Please note that rooms are not blocked during the booking process and the same is done on the dates closer to the arrivals. The rooms are allotted to the guests with utmost care by giving importance to the guest preferences as much as possible on a “first come first serve” basis. So, if you do not get your requested room during check in, it is only because of the non-availability of the room as someone else has requested for the same before you. Kindly cooperate with this accordingly.

Guests are requested to not walk on the garden and lawns at the resort.

Ayurveda is a holistic science, so it is important to prepare your body and mind for the treatment. We have listed a few tips to help you be ready for your healing and your stay with us.


We follow a common tipping system and guests are encouraged not to individually tip our team members. If you wish to tip our team, we have a common tipping box located in the Reception and in the Restaurant. The intended amount can be placed in an envelope and dropped into the box, we will ensure that the tips are distributed fairly among all team members.

There is also a tipping box located in the Ayurveda Center, if you wish to tip your therapist, please write the name of the therapist on an envelope and drop it in the box.

Do remember to carry adequate cash in Euros if you wish to provide the team with a tip.