Our Purpose

Treatment Principles

The treatment program for each guest is unique and designed strictly by our doctors only after detailed consultation, considering the present complaints, analysing the imbalance of doshas, body constitution and mental health.

During the first consultation our doctors will ask for your medical history and will do the examinations based on Ayurveda (Darshana- Inspection and observations, Sparshana – Palpation, Purgation, Auscultation, Prashna – Interrogation like general state of health with special focus on your lifestyle, diet, habits, and environmental surroundings).

Based on this assessment, our doctor will analyse the imbalance of Doshas

(Vikruthi) and your body’s constitution (Prakriti).

Plan the treatments based on the vikruthi to remove the accumulated toxins, which is the main cause of diseases.

The genuineness of treatments and the authenticity of the treatment plan as prescribed in classic Ayurveda texts are never compromised

The treatment is accompanied by a diet plan suiting the complaints (vikruthi), treatments and considering the constitution ( prakruthi). The diet recommendations will be given to the restaurant and kitchen also. The treatment, diet plan, medicines for regular treatment and consultation timings will be informed to the guests. However, changes can happen to the treatment program depending on the progress and Condition during the course. Some activities have to be restricted during some therapies, which also will be informed by the doctor.

All patient data is kept private and confidential.

The medicines used for treatment are the best available from manufacturers who comply GMP and ISO norms. Traditional preparations as well as new Ayurvedic therapeutic forms like capsules and extracts are used.

Yoga asanas are also chosen according to individual needs after discussions with the doctors and yoga masters. Treatment time and consultation times are fixed on a daily basis.