Nattika Life

In a huge step towards complete self-sustainability in all aspects of an Ayurvedic experience, we are proud to announce the foundation of Nattika Life. A dedicated in-house 1500 sq foot space has been set up for the production of our own Thailams and Medicated Oils. Currently we are producing around 24 different Ayurvedic Oils with a monthly output of more than 1300 Liters.

By setting up our own Ayurvedic Oil production facility we have dramatically improved the efficacy of the Ayurveda Treatments for our guests. The Best and most Natural ingredients are sourced for all preparations and along with daily inputs from our team of Doctors, we have two Well-known Ayurvedic Vaidyars  – Vaidyar Sasi and Vaidyar Mohanan, along with two assistants that are engaged full time in the production of our own Ayurveda Oils.

Guests also have the option of taking home both 500 ml and 250 ml glass bottles packed and sealed Ayurvedic Oils, currently available in our Souvenir shop and Ayurveda Pharmacy.

For more details visit – https://www.nattikalife.com/herbal-oils

Nattika Life Oils 1