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Rockholm is open and available for bookings throughout the year. The resort is beautifully well maintained in accordance with each season. There is not a specific moment better than another and every season has its share of assets. The best time for you to come only depends on what you want to experience and your availability.

For wellness purposes, effectiveness of treatments and for enjoying the pristine Rockholm Beach at its best, the ideal time to visit is from the months of September to May. This is the On-Season and the weather is mostly sunny and pleasant during this time. Expect emerald blue seas, crisp weather and sandy white beach offering spectacular sea views during this time.

The Monsoon season from June to August is also recommended and is a wonderful time to be in Rockholm if one wishes to enjoy the rains and experience the monsoon ayurveda treatments, however the beach will recede during this time and one will not be able to swim.

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