Our Purpose
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Each meal at ‘Naivedya’ is prepared in harmony with the fundamental philosophy of Ayurveda and Saatvic Principles. Our culinary experts specialize in creating authentic dishes with a coastal touch and International signatures. This alfresco, sea facing restaurant offers farm fresh and seasonal produce that bears testimony to the fertile land.

The essence of our culinary creations are predominantly vegetarian. Each dish is a tasteful mix of balance, flavor, and nutrition. Wholesome salads, juices, main course, fruits and desserts are carefully hand picked and introduced on the daily changing, set menu by our resident Chef’s and Dieticians. Each meal is further personalized to suit your individual needs based on your tailor made Ayurveda treatments and body constitution.

Interactive live cooking demonstrations by our Chef’s at the restaurant acquaints you with the finer aspects of culinary techniques, cooking tips, ingredients, recipes and more.

An ideal way to continue savoring Kerala’s delicious cuisine when you leave for home.

07.00 am till 10.00 am for Breakfast
12.00 pm till 03.00 pm for Lunch
06.45 pm till 09.45 pm for Dinner

The buffet has been prepared keeping in mind the Ayurvedic Diet Principles by our Executive Chef Sumesh and our In-house Dieticians Dr. Sreekala Santhosh, Dr. Sajithakumari

Restaurant timings are as follows:

Tandoori dishes are available from 6.45 pm – 9.3O pm every evening at Dinner. Alcohol consumption is not recommended in Ayurveda concept; hence Alcohol is neither served in the restaurant nor in the resort premises. Every Tuesday and Friday there is a live cooking demonstration on Ayurvedic and Indian cuisine with our chefs and dietician to which we cordially invite you

Living A Healthy Ayurveda Diet

During your Ayurveda Cure we aim to provide you with an Ayurveda Diet that is fully in line with the Ayurveda Principles. Below is a list of essential points that would help you to select the right food for you from our Ayurveda Buffet at Naivedya.

Fruits and Fruit juices

Fruits and Fruit juices should not be consumed during your meal time. We recommend you to have cooked fruits for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. You can consume Fruits and Fruit juices, at least one hour before / after your Breakfast and Lunch. Consumption of fruits and fruits Juices after the Dinner is not at all recommended.

Yogurt Lassi or Raitha

Do not consume these heavy milk products in the Morning and Evening. You may do so for Lunch. We encourage you to have buttermilk instead of Yogurt, Lassi or Raitha.

Raw Vegetables/Salads

You can consume raw vegetables / salads contain raw vegetables only during the lunch time. It is preferable to have cooked vegetables and steamed vegetables for Dinner. It will be helpful for a healthy digestion. It is not recommended to have salads contain raw vegetables and dairy products during dinner.


You may notice that in our Ayurveda Buffet spread, some of these items may be present. These are available in the buffet because the special dietary recommendations may vary for each individual. Always remember life is full of choices and we encourage you to make the right dietary choices by following our guidelines for an effective Ayurveda Cure.