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Mr Rethish Nair
General Manager
Rockholm at the Light House Beach

The Restaurant At Rockholm

Naivedya is a Sanskrit word that means offering to our deities or nature. so, in practice Naivedya means food offered as part of a worship ritual, before eating it. The history of Naivedya offerings traces back to ancient times, rooted in deep devotion and spiritual practices. Naivedya, meaning "sacred food," is a tradition that involves offering freshly prepared food to deities as an expression of gratitude, love, and surrendering yourself to the spiritual deity.

It is believed that this practice emerged as a way to express reverence and devotion to divine beings. Offering food to deities was seen as a way to honour their presence and seek their blessings. Over time, this ritual became an integral part of religious ceremonies, festivals, and daily worship. Naivedya offerings, also known as Prasadam, hold a profound spiritual significance in Hindu traditions. These sacred offerings are believed to be infused with divine blessings and are distributed among devotees as a way to share in the sanctity and grace.

Naivedya offerings is seen as a sacred gift from the divine, and by distributing it, the sanctity is shared with others. This act fosters a sense of unity, community, and goodwill.

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It is usually considered to use banana leaf and Tulsi leaf while offering Naivedya because it is spiritual and scientific to offer Naivedya on banana leaf when compared to a stalk of banana leaf, its tip has greater ability to emit "Sattvik" waves like fountain, these fountain-like waves help in reducing the proportion of "Raj-tam" components in the environment around us, therefore the stalk of the leaf should be towards the deity and the tip should be towards us.

When Tulasi leaves are used in offering Naivedya to deity, it reaches the deity faster again Naivedya becomes " Sattvik" and attacks from possible negative energy reduces, the Tulsi plant has greater ability to attract Sattivikata from the atmosphere and effectively emits it towards us. It also has greater ability to attract "Krishnatattva"in the universe, therefore by offering Tulsi leaves enriched with subtle waves to the Deity, the Deity principle is easily able to absorb these waves, in this way the food offered by us easily reaches the god and also helps in pleasing the god faster. Consuming such Naivedya helps the devotees to obtain waves of "Chaitanya".

The practice of Naivedya offerings encourages mindfulness and consciousness in our relationship with food. In a time when fast food and processed meals have become prevalent, the act of preparing and consuming blessed Prasadam promotes a mindful approach to eating. It reminds individuals to be grateful for the sustenance they receive, to savour each bite, and to cultivate a deeper appreciation for the nourishment provided by nature.
Naivedya restaurant in Rockholm serves food that represents the purity and peacefulness of Ayurveda. Whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, each dish is elegantly prepared using natural and holistic components, with the distinct purpose of spiritually benefiting one's health and mind. Food is considered a blessing at Naivedya, besides the spectacular ocean scenery and gushing winds. Contact us more.