Naivedya – Das Restaurant in Rockholm

rockholm naivedya

Naivedya ist ein Wort aus dem Sanskrit und bedeutet Opfergabe an unsere Gottheiten oder die Natur. In der Praxis bedeutet Naivedya also, dass Speisen als Teil eines Kultrituals angeboten werden, bevor sie gegessen werden.

The Restaurant At Rockholm

rockholm naivedya

Naivedya is a Sanskrit word that means offering to our deities or nature. so, in practice Naivedya means food offered as part of a worship ritual, before eating it. The history of Naivedya offerings traces back to ancient times, rooted in deep devotion and spiritual practices. Naivedya, meaning “sacred food,” is a tradition that involves […]

Karkidaka Kanji


ROCKHOLM NEWS & UPDATE Karkidaka Kanji This specialty is made during the month of Karkidakam (July 17 – August 16), when the heavy rains are likely to pave the way for ill health. It gives the system the immunity boost it deserves and has been part of the traditional monsoon ayurvedic food regimen for long.”