Ayurveda Medicines And Their Efficiency

Ayurveda is a traditional Indian system of medicines which functions based on scientific background of ancient knowledge. It is existing since thousands of years in practice. The bond between this medicinal system and day today life of former generations was so close so that it was practiced as a daily routine

Ayurveda principles on daily routine and seasonal regimen are the example for this fact. People were performing the disease preventive care, curative methods and the preparation of necessary medical accessories as house hold activities. The internal and external medicines were also prepared and practiced in the similar manner.

The medications like Swarasa (Juice of ingredients), Kalka (herbal pulp), Kashaya (decoction), Choornam (powder), Aasava & arishta (fermented dosage forms), Avaleha (confections), Medicated ghee etc. are used mainly for internal purpose. Medicated oils, Lepam, Bandages etc. are usually used externally.

The area and method of administration also differ according to the different disease condition for making localised and systemic reactions. 

Now a day the medicine preparation is shifted from homes to the certified pharmacies. The pharmacy prepared medicines are of three types.

  1. Classical medicines
  2. Proprietary medicines
  3. Patent medicines

Classical medicines
are medicines mentioned in Ayurveda classical textbooks, written thousands of years before. These are time tested formulations which gave relief for generations, means uncountable number of people. The exact ingredients and similar method of preparation will be adopted as per their classical references.

 Proprietary medicines are the classical medicines prepared with slight modifications. The modifications are usually made due to the replacement of unavailable ingredients mentioned in the classical reference with the available similar ingredients. In case of some medicines, the modifications are made according to the practicality of preparation as well. This category can also be considered as time tested effective formulae.

Patent medicines on the other hand, are the entirely new formulations formulated based on Ayurveda principles and thorough research works which satisfy modern technologies and parameters. These give modern touch to the ancient medicinal system producing effective medicines.

All these three categories have well defined scientific background according to the Ayurveda point of view.

Since the Ayurveda way of approach is unique for each person, the method of choosing suitable medicines and their method of application or administration will be also different to get maximum benefit to the diseased ones. So even though the medicines are of proven efficiency, the curative capability will be based on the strength of the patient, strength of the disease and the logic of choosing appropriate medicines.

Dr. Ajith K J
B.A.M.S, M.D.
Consultant physician
The Nattika Beach Ayurveda Resort