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Dr. Gokul M G
Consultant Physician
The Rockholm Resort

Examination of a patient is having utmost importance in the field of medicine. Examination plays a major role in diagnosis of diseases as well as planning treatments.

In Ayurveda examination of patient are of different types; one of the most important among them is TRIVIDHA PARIKSHA. Where “trividha” means three methods and “pariksha” means examination. i.e, three methods of examination of patient.

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The three methods of examination are:

  • Darshana - Inspection
  • Sparshana - Palpation, Percussion
  • Prashan - Interrogation

Finding the underlying pathology by visual examination of a patient. Identifying any natural and unnatural changes in the body like colour, shape, complexion, skin abnormalities, scars, lesions, dilated veins etc. For example - identifying the gait, yellowish discolouration in eyes and nails can be an indication of jaundice. We can suspect ascites from large swelling over belly area etc.

Touching the body and identifying the pathology and changes in the body. By this method of examination, we can identify if there is any pain, tenderness, variation in temperature, swelling etc.
Palpation – Through palpation we can identify tenderness, organomegaly, rigidity, stiffness.
Percussion – Percussion is done by tapping the middle finger of one hand on the middle phalange of middle finger of palpating hand. In this method, the sound produced due to difference in density indicates a diseased condition.

Prashna pariksha can be corelated with history taking of patients which includes, Presenting complaints, History of previous illness, Surgical history, family history etc. History taking is the most important aspect of patient examination. Provisional diagnosis and treatment require proper history taking. Diagnosis literally means understanding through knowledge.

The trividha Pariksha despite emphasizing on merely three types of Pariksha or examinations cover a large number of aspects for proper diagnosis and treatment.