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Dr. Gokul MG
Consultant Physician
Rockholm at the Light House Beach

Allergy is a disorder of the immune system, causes a lot of discomforts and can interfere with our day to day life. They are caused by seasonal changes, certain food, stress, pollution etc. Ayurveda believe that an imbalance of three doshas can cause allergies. When your agni (digestive fire) becomes weak, it causes Ama (toxins) to get accumulated in the body and further weakens the immune system.

As a result, our body is unable to expel the accumulated toxins. When this condition continues for a prolonged period, the allergy becomes a chronic condition. Allergic symptoms depend on the type of allergies and which dosha is aggravated. Allergy can affect the skin causing itching, rashes, and swelling(contact allergy). It may cause nasal congestion, rhinitis and other respiratory issues (airborne allergy). Food allergies can cause digestive disorders. Symptoms depend on which system has been affected. Ayurvedic treatments concentrate exclusively on treating the root cause of the allergy rather than addressing the symptoms and this unique approach of Ayurveda is the key to achieve lifelong benefits and relief from all disease. The first line of treatment for allergy is to improve agni and boost the immune system.

For that, consuming a healthy diet and following a proper lifestyle is important. To improve, Agni eats warm, light, natural and easy to digest foods. Focus on organic foods and vegetables. Try to avoid Cold and heavy foods and drink like processed foods, icy beverages etc. as they can slow down the agni.

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