Seaside Hotel Rockholm

The Lighthouse

Seaside Hotel Rockholm

The Location

Features and Facilities
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Seaside Hotel Rockholm
Hotel Rockholm crowns a rock that reaches out to the sea over a lovely cove, where the towering lighthouse stands sentinel surveying all with its sweeping beams in the night.

Rockholm is owned and managed by a traditional Anglo Indian family which can trace its roots back to several generations. Today Rockholm bears a delightful ambience of both the East and West.

The blend of comfort, tranquility and sheer good taste which one comes across at Rockholm has been perfected with the deep and rare knowledge of two great cultures. At Rockholm, one can say that the twain have finally met. The personnel at the hotel have been around for a long time and show a friendliness and caring that is found only in old family retainers.
Seaside Hotel Rockholm
During the day, the sun kissed beaches invite you to either take a long stroll or just be plain lazy and bask in the sun under shady palm trees or beach umbrellas. The inviting waters of the blue sea beckon you to take a swim and later dry off in the sun, gifting yourself a glorious tan with little or no effort.

With the bobbing lights of the fishing boats in the distance and the western sky still showing crimson where the sun went down, the open air seafront restaurant sets the ideal stage to feel the night and calm descend upon earth. Nothing breaks the spell except a rare clink of crystal or a peal of laughter. The haunting music of the sea below, punctuated by the vast sweeps of beams from the lighthouse provides the backdrop for the evening. Needless to say, it is usually the memory of an evening at the open air restaurant that many carry back home.


A longtime favourite of the international tourist, Rockholm can proudly claim that it spends little money on advertising. It usually takes a few hours for a routine guest to turn into a life long patron and the few good words they speak back home bring new seekers of leisure built on a rock.

Hotel Rockholm
Light House Road
Vizhinjam, Trivandrum 695521

Phone: 91-471-2480306/2480406/2480407/2480606
Fax: 91-471-2480607
Head Office: 
T.C 26/2190, 'Herbarton" TRA-F-7,Near AKG Centre, General Hospital
Trivandrum 695001
Phone: 91-471-2477471/73
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